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[Bluetooth] Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

Error after removing then reconnecting my Bluetooth dongle. The culprit was PulseAudio, which needed to be restarted:

$ pulseaudio -k
# re-do bluetoothctl stuff (may not be needed)
$ pulseaudio --start

Unreadable tiny names in LibreOffice Calc sheet tabs

Tiny sheet tabs

This issue happens in LibreOffice 4.3 and older with some desktop themes. To solve this, either change your desktop theme or increase the value of GtkScrollbar::slider_width in the file /usr/share/themes/<your_theme>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc. In my case, the line was commented out. Activating it with the default value did the trick.

gtkrc edit

Restart LibreOffice Calc to see the result:

Readable sheet tabs


Pacman: use regex to install multiple packages

Say I want to install all the packages starting with 'festival'. Using a wildcard throws an error, as well as using a regex, quoted or not:

$ sudo pacman -S festival*
error: target not found: festival*
$ sudo pacman -S 'festival.*'
error: target not found: festival.*
$ sudo pacman -S '^festival'
error: target not found: ^festival

And it is perfectly normal... s [...] Display full article

Hide Vimperator bottom bar

Vimperator bottom bar

Copy the following snippet in your Vimperator configuration file (mine is ~/.vimperatorrc):

map <silent> <C-F8> :js toggle_bottombar()<CR>

:js </silent>

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Merge two versions of a file with git-checkout

I have slightly different i3 configuration files between my desktop and laptop computers. In this case, the laptop keyboard is missing a Play/Pause multimedia key. This is where the two files differ: the laptop has a different key binding for running the music player.

Having recently added new key bindings to the desktop configuration, I wanted to merge those new lin [...] Display full article

Nuke (remove all traces) of a file in Git history

First note: if you are not alone on the project, consult with your colleagues before doing this. Because we are about to rewrite history and other contributors will be forced to manually rewrite their history too.

Second note: if what you want to remove is sensitive material (e.g. passwords), consider everything compromised. Unless you are 100% sure that absolutely no one has ha [...] Display full article

GNU/Linux: read-only file system error when accessing FAT/FAT32 drive

Sometimes and for no obvious reason, I suddenly cannot write or delete a file located on a removable USB drive using a FAT file system. Having no knowledge about all the magic going on under file system operations, I can just observe that some actions previously done successfully on some drives are no longer possible!

$ rm -r /path/to/some/obsolete/data/*
rm: cannot

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