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[Blender] Watch your mouse when using the Dolly Zoom!

In the Blender tutorial that I'm currently following, I just came across the Dolly Zoom, particularly useful when we have reached the maximum zoom and we need to go further. As explained in the documentation, the hotkey is Ctrl - Shift - Middle Mouse Button1.

Dumb mode activated: But the thing that took me five minutes to understand is that it simply zooms towards the position of your mouse cursor!

Dolly Zoom demonstration

1 Windows users may need to press and hold Shift - Ctrl in that order

[Blender] Subdivide not working + what does NGon mean?

During my last Blender lesson, I came across the term NGon in the comments. In short, this word refers to a face with more than four edges:

A face with more than four edges: an "ngon"

The consequence in Blender is that we cannot use the Subdivide tool properly on such faces.

So what’s an ngon anyways?

[Blender] How to change default non-selected edge color

After changing the theme to Flatty Light, I wanted to make the edges of my models more apparent by having more contrast between edges and faces. In User Preferences -> Themes, it was easy to spot the Face setting, but instead of an edge setting, you need to look for the Wire Edit setting:

Wire Edit setting

Before/after changing colors


[Blender] I keep selecting the same vertex when two or more vertices occupy the same point in space

Just activate wireframe mode by pressing Z:

"Selecting in wireframe mode"

Now, right clicking the visible vertex will toggle between all of them.

[Blender] UI graphical corruption with AMD/ATI open-source driver

Opening Blender (v2.79) this morning, after not running it for months, I noticed some serious glitches making Blender almost unusable.

Serious glitches on the interface

I have an old HD7750, using the open-source xf86-video-ati driver. It seems to be a bug within Blender, but fortunately there's a quick fix: change Window Draw Method to Triple Buffer in File -> User Preferences -> System.

Triple Buffer setting

The ArchWiki also notes that that setting may increase VRAM usage.