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My resume

/storage/2019/my-resume/resume-public.png Interested ? Please contact me to receive the uncensored version.

Who am I?

I am an entity with a very limited perception and knowledge about itself, its own existence and its surrounding universe. A short physical summary based on what I have been taught is that I am a human being. I live in the northern hemisphere of the planet Earth, more precisely in a country called Belgium and located in the west of the European continent. In my twenty-first century north-western culture, it is often expected to describe oneself with our work(s) and/or our passion(s) so here are mine.

I have been primarily a full-stack PHP developer for 8 years. Now I specialize in Laravel. I am used to work with the MariaDB / MySQL RDBMS. I also perform administration tasks on GNU/Linux (and, alas, Windows Server when required by professional constraints). I am familiar with:

I used to work with SQL Server 2005 before migrating to MariaDB. I have also learned Java, Python and PostgreSQL a few years ago but those skills would need serious refreshing! I love learning, so I am currently learning to play cello, develop Android apps and Dutch!

I am a GNU/Linux and more generally free(dom) software enthusiast. I turned my back to a nearly monopolistic closed-source system in 2009 for Kubuntu which I immediately adopted as my main system both for professional and private uses. I spent four years switching between Ubuntu and various derivatives, just for fun, to finally choose the Arch Linux way in 2013. Nowadays, it allows me to do all my computer tasks, from fun to work. Some of my main tools are i3, Firefox, Chromium, Vim and a terminal emulator (currently urxvt with tmux).